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Third transnational meeting

The project partners will meet in UK-Loughborough


Training platform


The training platform will be addressed to adults who wish to search employment in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

The training material will follow the CLIL methodology, addressing all those topics that are useful to train people for working in the partners’ countries while improving the national language.

It will be structured with gradual difficulty, starting from level B1 of CEFR and finishing at level C2. Each topic or sub-topic will be addressed by a learning unit, that will contain diversified inputs, different kind of exercising activities, self-correcting exercises, writing tasks, final assessment both for content (progression in new knowledge, skills and understanding) and for language skill strengthening (vocabulary, grammar rules, reading comprehension, writing production, etc.).

Some of the topics addressed will be: how to write an effective curriculum vitae, how to write an effective cover letter, how to behave during a job interview, what are the most common employment contracts, what are the best searching channels, how to deal with money/salary issues, etc. A set of short videos will be included in the training material.

The videos may show for instance how to behave during a job interview, how body language influences the impression on an interviewer… a YouTube Channel will be created to collect them. The training platform will be available for all potential learners, through free signup.